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Food Waste Solution Map

The FWSM covers more business sectors than the name suggests! It includes sectors within the Agro, the processing industry, packaging industry and storage, transport and distribution up to the retail and sales sectors.

FWSM is a strategy map of sustainability solutions for championing food security supply chains.

The Food Waste Solution Map ‘arises from the idea of mapping food waste solutions and grouping them by sector group. And to show, much more sectors are involved in this matter! By bundling all these initiatives, products, and innovations by sector, the FWSM provides a good overview of the position in which the solution focus is already located, and where much can be done. The platform integrates the production and harvesting (agro), processing, packaging, storage and ripening, distribution, and sales sectors.

The FWSM platform provides insight into which companies, agencies, and training institutes are active on this theme, it provides connections for commitment and dialogue.