In-me media promotion support

Innovation Media Magazine and articles on sustainable solutions!

In-Me magazine (Innovation Media magazine) is a magazine with articles from business, government, municipality and on educational institutions on the topics of: Logistics, Green Energy, Agro & Food Chain, , Green Investments, Green education. Each magazine’s edition is related to a relevant event, meeting, or other networking opportunities, organized by Innovation Media and the Innovation Media partners.

Our magazine showcases developments in innovations, investments, and ideas from international companies and (government) agencies. The articles are written by Innovation Media magazine, as well as delivered to our editors, by various companies who want to share their best practices and thoughts with our readers.

We showcase Innovative products from international companies via events and media, and thus increasing promotion with networking possibilities, Paper and Online Media Content and personal connections.

for all possibilities:

Searching and implementing Market and Media opportunities

In-Me started as a media portal for International orientated businesses with our own magazine!

As a media partner of several International businesses and diplomatic institutions, we have built up a complete portfolio in setting up and scanning promotional opportunities.

We showcase innovative products and best cases from International companies via events and media and thus increasing promotion with networking possibilities, paper showcasing, and personal connections.

We endeavor to match companies with the partners and innovative solutions they need. And we make an overview of the market and media opportunities with specific goals and desired outcomes within Eastern Europe & Central Asia and Europe.
(writing articles, pointed-press-release-service, design/photography, connecting & networking, organisation of events, and representing your company at market promotion activities: exhibitions, seminars/ congresses, individual presentations).

A broad range of possibilities!

For media in connection

  • Market research
  • Events, Expo, Conferences & Webinars.(organization and representation) Match & Meet
  • E-mailmarketing & SMSAPI
  • SEO & SEA
  • B2B-leadgeneration

For media in image

  •  Concept development
    • creation of a clear business plan
    • creation of p.r. tools
    • website structures and social media strategies
  • Graphic Design & DTP
  • Photography
  • Banners, pictograms and illustrations (for paper and digital / website and UX)

For media in words

  • Content-creation
  • Press-Release-service
    • drafting and compiling press releases
    • pointed to the right area
  • Copywriting
  • Article writing (NL – ENG – RU)
  • Promotion Strategy:
    • drawing up a plan for media options/cooperation with budget determination
    • establish a media-routing-plan with potential partners
    • gain information on terms of cooperation with parties

Innovation Media’s networking services

Media options:

  • Online magazines (press-release / advertising / advertorial)
  • Online news-pages (press-release / advertising / advertorial)
  • Blogs
  • Social Media (Cross-Media)
  • Targeted press releases for editors
  • Newsletter subscriptions
  • Local newspaper (interest in special areas)
  • Subscription to umbrella organisations
  • Generating pointed traffic via media websites (website listings)
  • Advertorials for product promotion or SEO purposes
  • E-commerce platforms as a advertising tool

Press-release services

Distribute your news facts through our editorial network. Our team prepares press releases with supplied content and/or writes press releases on request. Content research and advice in combination with the right templates guarantees that news is actually being picked up and published by targeted media. We aim for targeted distribution of press releases.

Prepare proposals for a country and sector-related marketing strategy

With our experience in the European market, we connect with the right media organizations with the best-targeted media and market attention. We prepare the best-focused marketing proposals!

End-of-year Media report

Service for Embassies of the Eastern Europe and Central Asia countries.
Creating and collecting last-mile leads and media content (for the preparing of media year-end reports)
With our knowledge of the local market, we gain a boost in ‘lagging reporting’ or gain some extra leads!
Targeted on specific topics, sectors, and desired media carriers, Innovation Media makes your End-of-Year report complete!

Showcasing: Innovation Media Magazine

We publish articles with our innovative clients on the latest and most appealing developments in the interest of international investors. It concerns the exchange of best practices between Dutch/European companies and Eastern and Central European and Central Asia companies. Main topics on Technology within Agro and Food, Energy and Logistics with a sustainable/ circular character.