In-me market scan services

Market Scan Services

The market scan of Innovation Media is a tool to get information on your desired market! Whether you are a manufacturing company or a services company, we guide you in the right direction.
To visualize an overview of a market or explore the basis for establishing your business in a specific market.

Our network consists of a diverse landscape of international-orientated companies and a diverse International collaboration with business connected umbrella organizations. Our Market Scan functions as a “Hub” between your company and its intended business goals. With our market scan, your goals are central. Whether this is focused on keeping your market share, higher revenue returns, or growth of your company. With our knowledge of the particular market’s language and culture, we aim to give you the optimum results.

Market Scan Service

We have tailor made solutions for your company’s expansion

The In-Me market can be used for:

  • Exploring new markets and its local market segmentation
  • Search for the right media-possibilities
  • Learn who your competitors are
  • Exploring the possibilities and feasibility for establishing business activities
  • Looking for potential partners
  • Set up networking opportunities
  • A authorized comprehensive PDF report
(We also offer a Tailor-Made approach ! )

An example of a possible market scan

Market Research

  • Listing potential partners
  • Eliminate non-interested parties!
  • Leads of (potential) customers
  • Visualize feasibility, interest, and viability
  • Gain Information on terms of cooperation with interested parties


  • Partner compatibility
  • Schedule meetings
  • Explore the possibilities and the do’s and don’ts

Business Plan and development strategy

  • Proposal on the generated information from the market scan. Set up clear goals and tools to reach the next level of business
  • Implementation and research on the terms and regulations for establishing a company in the desired market
  • Consulting and providing support service in tax, accounting, legal, legislation, logistics and other aspects for the Netherlands and EU market
  • Establishing and maintaining a business in the Netherlands and the EU