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We connect and assist International

From Central Asia and Eastern Europe to Europe

Access to the European market by showing and opening up the network and the market.

Our service relies on networking and consists of a divers landscape of educational institutions, diplomatic organizations, international orientated companies and in addition we have a excellent and close collaboration with a International Business connected umbrella organizations.

We are experts in the EU with the Netherlands as our base.
With our knowledge of the EU market we can establish targeted connections with decision makers, business platforms and authorities.

With our connections we can support and provide landings for companies from Eastern Europe and the Central Asian region whom want to enter the European market or just scan for opportunities. We share our experience with activities between the EU and Central Asian region and Central and Eastern European countries in the best possible way for your business opportunities!

Innovation Media is connected with more than 11.000 organizations, companies, research institutions, financial institutions and public sector stakeholders in EU and Central Asian region and Central and Eastern European, who can help you solve your sustainability challenges.

In-Me Network

Services and networking offered:

  1. Start-up soft landing and Start-up pitches
  2. Organizing hybrid and/or online events and study trips
  3. Setting up targeted business opportunities to implement business related activities

(A Tailor Made approach is of course also possible!)

1. Start-up soft landing and Start-up pitches

Soft Landing services for Start-Ups. With our experience in guiding start-ups in media-related events, the best opportunities are created with potential investors and other interested parties. We guide, support and advise start-ups on the local market. We establish desired connections and schedule exploratory meetings.

In advance we will start our new accelerator in 2022, keep an eye on this website for updates!

We work with you in the earliest stages to ensure that you have a strong co-founding team, connect you with successful entrepreneurs from all over the world to help you succeed, provide you with a network of experienced coaches and advisors, capital, and support.

2. Organizing hybrid and online events and study trips

Innovation Media creates your online, hybrid, or on-location event. We represent your company at trade fairs and the like We search for the right partner to organize your event to gain the best results.

On-Location, online, and hybrid study trips. Helps to get a clear picture of a particular field or sector. It provides insight and knowledge through direct communication with experts. within our network We can provide study tours on a big variety of topics.
(see also our portfolio on study trips)

3. Setting up targeted connections to carry out business related activities

Innovation Media’s network will find you the best targeted connections to reach your business goals.  Our team has an all-round expertise for making the right connections and convert these into the right partner options.  Let us know your goal!  Ultimately the best connections are achieved by a personal approach. Let us connect!

Our market-scan gives you the option to develop your company in the EU and the Central Asian region. With our knowledge of the Central Asian region and the EU market, language and culture, we can establish your business goals. 

Positive change !

We believe entrepreneurship is a crucial element for positive change.
Our main focus areas for new business opportunities are


Special opportunity connecting in the Food Chain Sector !

The Food Waste Solution Map (FWSM) covers more business sectors than the name suggests! It includes sectors within the Agro, the processing industry, packaging industry and storage, transport and distribution up to the retail and sales sectors.

The FWSM is a strategy map of sustainability solutions for championing food security supply chains.

The Food Waste Solution Map ‘arises from the idea of mapping food waste solutions and grouping them by sector group. And to show, much more sectors are involved in this matter! By bundling all these initiatives, products, and innovations by sector, the FWSM provides a good overview of the position in which the solution focus is already located, and where much can be done. The platform integrates the production and harvesting (agro), processing, packaging, storage and ripening, distribution, and sales sectors.

The platform provides insight into which companies, agencies, and training institutes are active on this theme, it provides connections for commitment and dialogue.