About Us

Irina Birman - CEO & Consulting
Frank Donkers — Co-Founder & Concept-Development

Our Story

Innovation Media (In-Me) develops relationships with international companies that stand for a green and sustainable economy. Companies are interested in finding solutions and opportunities and implementing relevant innovation and Hi-Technology to help develop a green and sustainable economy. In-Me presents innovative products from international companies through events, networking opportunities, paper presentations, personal connections, and our media services.

We strive to match companies and organizations with the requested partners and innovations. Therefore, we can direct match you with the partners and innovative solutions you need.

Meet Our Team

Our team has an all-round ​​expertise area, from making the right connections, drafting the content of brand messages, and/or translate into the right language, up to images and web design.

That said, all components present for a professional PR media & marketing service.

Michael Bonté


Vera Dementjeva


George Birman

Media and UX-designer

Irina Zemskova