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We are developing relations with international business interested to find solutions and opportunities to bring relevant innovation and Hi-Technology that enables the green and sustainability global economy.

We showcase Innovative products from International companies via events and media, and thus increasing promotion with networking possibilities, paper showcasing and personal connections.

We endeavour to match you with the partners and innovation solutions you need.

With topics in RenewableEnergy, WasteSollutions, Sustainability, Urban Food-Challanges and more.


Green and sustainable innovations will play a significant role in developing  economic and business cooperation between EUROPEAN and EURASIAN countries.



Did you know that Google only has 35% market share of the EURASIAN area?
How do you reach the interested EURASIAN consumers?
We help you with the right marketing tools for the EURASIAN regions! Full-service marketing for your projects.


We have media partners in EURASIAN countries, and you can share your content directly to your target group in the EURASIAN market. 
We provide full service for PR and advertising in business media, web portals and in social networks.


We organize tailored events to the clients across the business, government and public organisations.
We can connect with more than 11.000 organizations, companies, research institutions, financial institutions in EU and EURASIAN area, 
who can help you grow your sustainability opportunities.


We help your company, governmental institution or educational organization to undertake a study tour to the Netherlands and Denmark. 
We help you create a plan for the study trip, which connects to the challenges of developing:
green energy, green and smart city, horticulture, agriculture & food urban security, green logistics and mobility. 

GREEN TOURS for foreign delegation 


8th edition
8th Edition

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INME Transformation and introduction to Kazahstan
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INME a new era of networking
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Editor In-me:

Frank Donkers 

Director In-Me:

Irina Birman


“The Embassy of Kazakhstan in the Netherlands appreciated the high level of organization of the study tour and excellent information support and coverage of the visit of Kazakhstan experts by INNOVATION MEDIA. The results of the study tour became a solid platform for further cooperation with leading Dutch experts in the field of the “green economy” andopened new horizons for the development of projects in the field of renewable energy in Kazakhstan.”

Magzhan Ilyassov

Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Kingdom of the Netherlands


“INNOVATION MEDIA enables you to share your products, services, developing and views with agro & food entrepreneurs and authorities around the world.”

Hans Biesheuvel

Chairman ONL voor Ondernemers (Dutch Entrepeneurs organisation)


“INNOVATION MEDIA works to International Trade Promotion!”

Sjaak van der Tak

Chairman LTO Glaskracht Nederland (Dutch greenhouse horticulture)

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