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Innovation Media (In-Me) develops relationships with international companies that stand for a green and sustainable economy.

 We connect with sustainable knowledge and innovations.

Expand your strategic brand communication with intelligent service offers with Innovation Media.

 In-Me connects the European market with, among others, the Eurasian market. We strive to match companies and organizations with the requested partners and innovations.

Our vision: Green and sustainable innovations play an important role in the development of economic and business cooperation between European and other countries.

Through articles about relevant products in the context of food waste and sustainability, which were previously included in our magazine, our network increasingly reached out to us for more insight into the entire landscape with solutions within the food waste problem.

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Expand your strategic brand communication with intelligent service offers, with Innovation Media

Frank Donkers (Co-founder), Irina Birman (CEO), Michael Bonté​ (Journalist)
  • Strategic advice
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  • Evaluation and validation upon your approach and solution with international experts.
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Endorsement from others

INNOVATION MEDIA works to International Trade Promotion!
Sjaak van der Tak
Chairman LTO Glaskracht Nederland (Dutch greenhouse horticulture)
INNOVATION MEDIA enables you to share your products, services, development, and views with agro & food entrepreneurs and authorities around the world.
Hans Biesheuvel
Chairman ONL voor Ondernemers (Dutch Entrepeneurs organisation)
The Embassy of Kazakhstan in the Netherlands appreciated the high level of organization of the study tour and excellent information support and coverage of the visit of Kazakhstan experts by INNOVATION MEDIA. The results of the study tour became a solid platform for further cooperation with leading Dutch experts in the field of the “green economy” andopened new horizons for the development of projects in the field of renewable energy in Kazakhstan.
Magzhan Ilyassov
Ambassador of Kazakhstan in Kingdom of the Netherlands